Mission One - April 2021

Mission One dropped basic tools and supplies on the surface of Mars. Managed from Earth by ISA stakeholders, “citizen-scientists” prepared for the first humans to come to Mars. Over 50,000 NFT supply crates were purchased by collectors within the first 24 hours resulting in over $1.3 million in sales.

Mission Two - July 2021

ISA astronauts, the First Four, joined titans such as Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong in the pantheon of space exploration. Over $300,000 NFTs were airdropped to the supporters of Mission One as a thank you for believing in the project. Thousands of additional NFT supply crates were purchased by new players.

MARTIA Token - October 2021

MARTIA token is the in-game token that governs the Martian economy. It was launched officially on the WAX blockchain on October 30, 2021, alongside the first gameplay features. Read more about the launch in this Gameplay Launch article.

In-Game Store - December 2021

A new way of acquiring NFT supply crates by spending MARTIA tokens via an in-game store. The first sale used a dutch auction system, and all crates were sold out within days.

Mission Three - December 2021

Another eight astronauts joined in Mission Three, and Mars Colony began the transition from a rudimentary base camp to a growing settlement.  

Over 32,000 NFT supply crates were sold in less than an hour in our first in-game store sale, which totaled to over 73 million MARTIA tokens in sales. 7.3 million MARTIA tokens were burnt from the sale.

MARTIA Token Staking - February 2022

Staking represents each player’s preparation for the future and enables personalized strategies to position themselves for what is to come. In February, Colonize Mars launched seven different staking pools, including a wildly popular pool where players could stake for a chance at winning NFTs. Over 250 million MARTIA tokens were staked upon launch. 

Launch Gameplay Lore - April 2022

Launched Interplanetary Space Alliance, the collective behind the humans-to-Mars missions. Also launched The Red Shift—the official ISA podcast for weekly Mission Control updates, weather reports, and insights into colony life straight from the astronauts currently on Mars. Restructured social media channels and introduced a fully redesigned marketing website to introduce players to gameplay.

Improved Gameplay Interface - April 2022

Enhancements including faster loading times, a completely overhauled UI experience, a new NFT collection view, and more leaderboards to build on the gameplay experience. This update will be the foundation of the features to come.

Player Guide - May 2022

An end-to-end guide on how to play the Colonize Mars strategy game. Learn more about gameplay, items, and lore by exploring this guide.

Expedition Gameplay - May 2022

Explore the surface of Mars and search for resources using the various vehicles available in the colony. This fun mini game is designed to test the skills and capture the imagination of all ISA members.

MARTIA Token Bridge - August 2022

Transfer MARTIA tokens from the WAX blockchain to Ethereum and BNB Chain (BSC).

Updated In-Game Store - August 2022

With Mission Four, Mars Colony will go from a research base to the first permanent city on Mars. Many new NFT items will be arriving, which set up the possibilities for producing resources that are fundamental to becoming self-sustaining.

Enhanced Map Experience - August 2022

Redeveloped the map version of the game from the ground up in Unity to support enhanced exploration of the Mars Colony. Includes enhancements such as dynamic weather, day-night cycle, and object detail views.

Resource and Hazard Gameplay - September 2022

The first major gameplay launch of the project. This will roll out the most anticipated strategy features of the game by introducing a fully dynamic resource chain and hazard system which will require players to strategize about how to efficiently manage the various items in the Mars Colony.

Second Half of 2022

The second half of 2022 will see the remaining core features of the web-based interface game completed. Players will be able to take advantage of the fully functional virtual economy.

Colony Development Gameplay - Second Half of 2022

Spend end-of-chain resources on supplying convoys, constructing new items in the colony, or analyzing data for discoveries for a chance at Ownership Cards, Discovery Cards, Blueprints, and exclusive achievements.

In-Game Communities - Second Half of 2022

Players will be able to work together in communities with shared interests and tools. Each community will also have its own distinct NTT patch minted by the dev team, which will become available to players joining the communities.

Visual Upgrades - Second Half of 2022

Customize your items by purchasing visual upgrades and show them off to other players in the game.

Land Sale and Blueprints - Second Half of 2022

Purchase land plots on the surface of Mars. Use Blueprints to build on land plots.

2023 and Beyond

By 2023, the web-based economic strategy game will be fully released and the project will start to focus on the second major phase: a downloadable 3D MMORPG. The web game will continue to expand by establishing a second colony along with new land plots and region exploration.

Region Exploration - 2023

Open up a larger map for exploration on Mars.

Expanded Land Sale - 2023

Purchase additional land plots on the surface of Mars.

Establishment of Colony #2 - 2023

The second colony on Mars is established. New opportunities to become an owner of a main colony become available.

Downloadable MMORPG - 2023+

Downloadable 3D game that extends the existing web-based interface game. This will be a multi-year development effort.

Use your wealth and influence to buy a ticket to Mars. Customize your own astronaut character with a particular skill set and specialty, then send them to the Mars surface.

Explore the Mars map on foot or by vehicle, work with other astronauts to plan and go on expeditions, play mini games, develop land plots, and build your ideal life on the red planet.

Players use this downloadable game in coordination with the web-based interface to manage inventory and track colony-wide events.

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