Deflationary Mechanics

What is a Deflationary Token?

A deflationary token needs to have:

  • A fixed maximum supply
  • Either fewer tokens generated as time goes on or tokens are harder to generate as time goes on
  • A method for reducing circulating supply, known as burning

The MARTIA token satisfies all of these requirements:

1. 12 billion fixed maximum supply

2. The quantity of MARTIA token released per hour follows this formula

MARTIA released = [Active collection strength] * [Volume of unreleased MARTIA] * [fixed coefficient]

  • As can be seen, as each MARTIA token is released, the volume left unreleased declines, resulting in fewer MARTIA tokens released per active collection strength.
  • With the introduction of resource and hazard gameplay, earning MARTIA tokens will become more challenging due to the strategic nature of the gameplay.
  • Additionally, as players opt to earn resources instead of MARTIA, this also contributes to fewer MARTIA being released per hour.

Burning Mechanisms

There are multiple methods for burning MARTIA, with more details below:

One of these mechanisms is burning a percentage of in-game store sales. The in-game store plays a major role in the economics of the game, acting as the marketplace where sale of items, upgrades, land, and other assets will take place. In-game store transactions are facilitated with MARTIA as the core currency and 10% of the sales proceeds are burned.

Another burning mechanism will be the ability to send off vehicle NFTs to perform activities around the colony, experienced as mini games. Initially, this will cost an increasing quantity of MARTIA for each attempt within the day, with increased rewards too.

All of this MARTIA is burnt.

Later on, players will have the choice to spend MARTIA to initiate these games or to spend Power.

Future Burning Mechanisms

More burning mechanisms will be introduced as the gameplay progresses in order to promote economic equilibrium.

Once the Total Supply of MARTIA is reduced to a given threshold, any MARTIA that would have been burnt will be sent back to the Bank (bank.mars) for re-circulation to the players.