Purpose of this paper

This document provides an overview of the blockchain game Colonize Mars. The contents include the project’s guiding statements, gameplay features, blockchain features, and future milestones. Although there are some technical details, this is meant to remain high-level so that any aspiring Martians can get a solid understanding of the game without needing to dive into all the details. For a full discussion on gameplay mechanics, technical documentation of gameplay can be accessed through our Player Guide (coming soon).

Target Audience

Colonize Mars aims to unify audiences within the scientific, aerospace, and cryptocurrency ecosystems. We believe cross-pollination of ideas between these industries can help lead to rich conversations, new ideas, and even contribute to more people pursuing careers within aerospace. Many of our game mechanics are designed to encourage collaboration between players so that new connections are made.

The gameplay is meant to appeal to a range of passive and active playstyles. We believe that aerospace enthusiasts, Mars enthusiasts, blockchain enthusiasts, casual gamers, strategic gamers, entrepreneurs, economists, and financial experts will all enjoy the game.


This document should be considered a living document and will be updated whenever necessary. Nothing in this whitepaper should be considered financial advice.

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