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Colonize Mars is the only simulation game where your actions can help humanity build a new life on the Red Planet.

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What is Colonize Mars?
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$11 M

Total Sales Volume of NFTs traded and sold.

$128 K

The most expensive Colonize Mars NFT ever sold.

50 K

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Collect cards which represent vehicles, equipment, buildings, and astronauts. All items are custom designed by our team of architects and engineers, informed by real aerospace technology.


Use your collection to generate resources that are useful to building a self-sustaining colony on Mars.  React quickly and skillfully to manage hazards that affect resource production.


Navigate a 3d map generated from high-resolution photos of the Mars surface. Find scientific evidence around the map to produce rare discovery NFTs and mine for resources.


Play to earn MARTIA and resources. Use them to expand your collection, customize your items, and decide the future of the game!


The roadmap is under construction. Back soon.

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