Martia Token

The MARTIA token is designed to be the foundation of the virtual economy of Colonize Mars. It acts as a medium of exchange for gameplay purposes and can be used to pay for a range of in-game items including NFT cards, upgrades, resources, and land plots. These items are used to expand a player’s influence within the game, which earns them resource tokens, XP, achievements, and top ranks on the game leaderboards. Upon establishment of the DAO, the amount of MARTIA held by a player will also factor into their voting power.

Martia Distribution

Here is a visualization of the way MARTIA flows through the economy:

MARTIA is created on the WAX blockchain with a maximum supply of 12 billion tokens. The 10 billion tokens are made available for players to earn through gameplay and other incentives. The remaining 2 billion tokens are set aside and will be released gradually over 2 years to support future game development.

The 10 billion MARTIA for the gameplay and initiatives are held in the following treasury accounts, minus the quantities earned each hour by players.



The tokens are further transferred to https://wax.bloks.io/account/martia on an hourly basis as these tokens are earned and claimed by the players. The quantity of tokens received by players are according to the total collection strength of their cards in conjunction with the remaining supply of MARTIA yet to be earned. Effectively, the number of tokens that will be released into circulation will increase as more NFTs are staked into the game, yet decrease over time as fewer tokens remain. The accumulated total amount of MARTIA released over time (estimated) is visualized below:

Combined with various burning mechanisms, such as burning 10% of the MARTIA spent on in-game purchases, the circulating supply of MARTIA will reach a steady state much sooner.

Use Cases

Some of the early uses of MARTIA token is the generation of resource tokens through staking and in-game store purchase of NFTs. Additionally, the following will be some of the many features and use cases of MARTIA which will be coming in subsequent gameplay releases:

  • In-game store purchases of skins and enhancements.
  • Activities such as exploration and mining.
  • Land ownership.
  • Acquiring Blueprints for Construction.
  • Staking for rewards, including additional MARTIA, resources, and NFTs.
  • Colony proposals and voting power.

Players will also have to decide during gameplay how much MARTIA token vs. resource tokens they would like their colony items to produce.

Future gameplay expansion would present more avenues to utilize MARTIA which will be voted upon by the members of the DAO.

Earning MARTIA

Players will use the NFT cards, or Base Cards, in their inventory to earn MARTIA. They have to select an Ownership Card, which is the NFT that represents part of the colony on the surface of Mars, to assign their Base Cards to. Each card will start earning income according to the respective collection strength that is displayed on the game interface under potential earnings.  

The total earnings per card will vary and is based on several factors:

  • Rarity of the Base Card.
  • Different owners charge different fees ranging from 1% to 20% which is taken from the player’s MARTIA token payout. 
  • Cards still owned by Colonize Mars (not yet found from a supply crate) will also have a fixed 20% fee until a player takes possession of the card. 
  • The health of the corresponding Ownership or Sponsorship Card.
  • Whether the player has the necessary resource token inputs required.
  • The output ratio of resources to MARTIA as chosen by the player.

Payout calculations are run every hour, and the player is assigned MARTIA based on the combined collection strength of their base cards that are assigned to Ownership Cards. Cards not assigned will not earn anything.

Players can also earn MARTIA through other activities such as expeditions (sending NFTs to carry out a task on behalf of the colony such as mining the surface or scouting new Martian terrain).