As more players join the mission to colonize Mars, communities are formed. Players with shared interests and goals will be able to come together and help shape the future of their specific community which will also impact the entire Martian colony. 

Community Characteristics

  • Community Name
  • Community Patch 

Community Allegiance

Players will be able to associate their wallet to their favorite in-game community. These communities are all pre-vetted by the Colonize Mars team. Each community is represented by a custom NTT patch that is minted exclusively to members. Once a player is accepted into a community and receives their NTT patch, they can activate it via the game interface.

Being a part of a community comes with a few enhancements. Players will enjoy increased rewards and bonuses if they choose to support Ownership and Sponsorship Cards that are owned by the same community. Communities will be tracked in the leaderboard system as well.

Players with Ownership or Sponsorship Cards who are part of a community will have the option to set differing fees for community and for non-community members who will stake on their cards.