Colonize Mars is a blockchain simulation game about strategy, exploration, and building a life on the red planet. The underlying game pieces are NFTs which represent the vehicles, equipment, astronauts, and buildings within the simulation.

Players activate their NFTs in the game to participate in colony resource management, map exploration, and skill-based mini games. These gameplay activities produce two main categories of blockchain tokens:

  • MARTIA Token—MARTIA acts as a medium of exchange for gameplay purposes and can be used to pay for a range of in-game items including NFT cards, upgrades, and land plots. These items are used to expand a player’s influence within the game.
  • Resource Tokens—Resource tokens are pure utility tokens that represent the various goods, commodities, and services created and consumed on Mars.

The player’s end goal is to build their ideal life on the red planet. The expansive and persistent nature of the simulation gives players the flexibility to define what this could look like, which could evolve over time. Some common paths might be:

  • Become a legendary Martian explorer by organizing expeditions, discovering resource deposits, and making major discoveries. Rank up the exploration leaderboards, unlock exclusive exploration achievements, and have your name go down in the Martian history books.
  • Master the science and economics of operating the Mars colony by managing a dynamic resource chain that is affected by other players’ decisions and randomly occurring hazards. Accumulate large amounts of resource tokens, collect rare NFT cards, unlock resource-related achievements, and become one of the most respected colony managers on Mars.
  • Acquire land plots and work together with other players to develop new outposts or build your own oasis on Mars. Accumulate resource tokens, form alliances, acquire blueprints, construct buildings, equipment, vehicles, and customize your items with visual upgrades.

These are just a few of the potential strategies that players can utilize. We encourage new and creative ways to experience the game.

A Persistent Simulation

The game is always moving forward in Martian time, so newer players will find opportunities to produce resources with existing items on Mars, acquire new items arriving in the future, and construct new items on open land plots. At the time of publishing this whitepaper, Mission One, Two, and Three have already successfully touched down on the red planet, and Mission Four is in-transit. Each mission plan is created by our in-house team of aerospace experts with the ultimate goal of educating players on the step-by-step process of designing, assembling, and maintaining a self-sustaining city on Mars.

Immersive Storytelling

Colonize Mars is set in the near future (early 2030s) and follows the story of a fictional space alliance called the Interplanetary Space Alliance (ISA). The ISA was founded in 2022 as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for space exploration. The ISA’s current initiative is to create a self-sustaining city on Mars.

Even though the characters, locations, and narratives are fictional, they are meant to reflect a plausible future for the aerospace industry given the disruptive nature of decentralized technology. The ISA showcases the power of DAOs and how they can be used to accelerate industries, such as aerospace, to accomplish lofty goals such as humans-to-Mars missions.

Joining the ISA

When a new player signs up for Colonize Mars, the onboarding process is themed to simulate the application process for an ISA recruit.

Players manage all Mars-based operations via a web-based portal at play.mars.cards, which allows them to monitor the activity on the Mars base remotely. They can track their contributions and see how they're doing relative to other ISA members.

The portal also allows them to access a “live feed” of the Mars base using high-resolution images and video from orbiting satellites. This helps them check for any items that might need maintenance or spot potential areas of interest.

This alliance uses a card-based inventory system to keep track of the items shipped to Mars. Operational and organizational authority is determined by the various NFT cards held by members. Some ISA members obtain ownership rights to a few items in the base. Other ISA members must pay a fee to use the item. Patches signify allegiance to a certain group within the ISA. Badges signify certain achievements within the program.

ISA Career Rank

Players build their aerospace career within the ISA by successfully completing gameplay activities and earning XP. Examples can be earning MARTIA tokens, repairing items, or finding resource deposits on expeditions. Players start at Rank 1 (ISA Recruit 1) and can move all the way to Rank 50 (ISA Administrator).

ISA Mission Comms Rank

Within the Colonize Mars Discord server, the most active and engaged players can rise through the ranks of the ISA Mission Comms to unlock upcoming exclusive privileges and rewards.

The ISA gives the project an opportunity to infuse narrative elements into the game and make players feel like they are part of a space alliance by blending the borders between fiction and reality.

Key Gameplay Areas

1.  Economic Strategy

Players must efficiently manage a dynamic resource chain that is affected by other players’ decisions and randomly occurring hazards. Players gain MARTIA by staking Base Cards to Ownership or Sponsorship Cards. MARTIA can then be used to acquire resources when staked in different resource pools. 

2.  Mars Exploration 

Players can organize expeditions and set off to survey, mine, and discover different parts of a 3D map that has been modeled using NASA’s high-resolution images of Mars.

3. Colony Expansion 

Phase 1:  Develop the main colony. Players start to build and expand the base.

Phase 2: Players can purchase hexagonal land plots surrounding the main Mars base and develop their own outposts using Blueprints and Resources to construct new buildings, vehicles, and equipment.

4. Leveling Up 

Players can join the Interplanetary Space Alliance (ISA) and build their aerospace career by successfully managing operations on an ever-expanding Mars base. Climb leaderboards, gain XP, and earn achievements. Become a Martian legend.

Controlled Successive Releases

It is important to note that the game will grow and expand over time. Gameplay features have been designed to be released in coordination with certain colony milestones. This helps us deploy features faster and also ties into the simulation aspect of expanding into a self-sustaining city on Mars.

For instance, the main focus of the first missions is to develop the main colony and establish the infrastructure. Land development and construction gameplay will only be released once the colony is a stable size. The gameplay and strategies will shift once this feature is released, but this is similar to how astronauts’ focus might shift from surviving to thriving once the main infrastructure for life is set up.