Digital Collectibles

The entire game is connected to the blockchain through digital collectibles, tokens, and achievements. Here is a summary of the different items in the collection:

Fungible Tokens (FTs)


MARTIA is the main token that is earned through gameplay activities. It can be used to pay for a range of items in the Colonize Mars store, including NFTs, upgrades, resources, and land plots.

Resource Tokens

These are 16 different blockchain tokens that each correspond to a useful resource within the Mars base. They are used as inputs and outputs for vehicles, equipment, buildings, and astronauts. At the end of the resource chain, tokens can be spent for a chance to acquire Ownership Cards, Sponsorship Cards, Discovery Cards, and opportunities to own and develop land.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Base Cards

These are 1-to-many cards for each item or astronaut type. Examples of these are Dark Matter Solar Panel Array cards or Shadow Female Scientist Cards.

Ownership Cards and Sponsorship Cards

These are ultra-rare cards that correspond 1:1 to unique items and astronauts in the Colony (Fuel Generator One, Solar Panel Thirteen, John Alves the Engineer to name a few).


Players can earn Blueprint NFTs at later stages in the colony development. They are cards that can be burnt along with a lot of resources to construct a new item and corresponding Ownership Card.


As individual identifiers, patches are earned NFTs that can be used to represent the player’s avatar within the game. They can be acquired by participating in community activities, joining in-game communities, or participating in sales.

Visual Upgrades

Part of the allure of owning an item on Mars is the ability to customize it. Visual upgrades allow owners to change the default visual appearance of an item for everyone on the map.

Visual upgrades are categorized by rarity and can be earned through gameplay or purchased via the in-game store. The rarities are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The visual upgrade library will expand over time so everyone can find the perfect look for their item.

Discovery Cards

Discovery Cards modify skills and actions within the game. Every time a discovery is found, 1 Major Discovery NFT and 50 Minor Discovery NFTs are awarded to the players that contributed to finding it. Major Discoveries are larger modifiers to skills and actions, and Minor Discoveries are smaller modifiers.

Land Plots

Land plots signify ownership of a hexagonal piece of land on the Mars map. This gives the owner rights to build new items on the land and extract resources from the land.

Non-Transferrable Tokens (NTTs)


Achievements are non-transferrable badges that are acquired by completing tasks or sets of tasks within the game. Once an achievement is completed, the game unlocks the ability for the player to mint the NTT badge representing that achievement to their blockchain wallet. The first player to mint each achievement will get their name listed on the achievements page forever.