Staking and Rewards

On Mars, it will be important to allocate a certain portion of resources and funds to innovation, research, and development of future technologies. Until these future technologies are ready for Mars, players can lock up a portion of their MARTIA token in exchange for in-game rewards such as additional MARTIA tokens, resource tokens, or NFTs. 

Instead of storing MARTIA in their wallet (under the bed) and receiving no benefit from holding it, players will stake (deposit) it into a pool where it is locked away for a fixed period, earning them rewards over the term.

Players will have an opportunity to stake MARTIA token earnings for the following rewards:

  • Resources
  • Chances at random NFT drops, including Ownership Cards
  • More MARTIA tokens as interest

MARTIA and resource token rewards can only be claimed when the locking period is over. Players will not keep accumulating rewards unless they restake their tokens upon expiry of the staking period. On the other hand, NFT rewards are claimable as they are won. 

A detailed discussion on the staking mechanics can be found in this MARTIA Token Staking article.