Static Storm

Power surges, static electricity, lightning strikes - they can all cause damage to devices generating power in the colony. The amount of dust on mars which is blown around can cause huge static build ups which in turn discharge and potentially fry circuit boards, overload wiring transporting power around the colony, or cause equipment to cease operation.

The Science

Researchers on Earth have found that colliding dust particles on Mars may emit tiny flickers of electricity known as triboelectrification. Triboelectric charging, or static electricity, is what occurs when particles produce electricity when rubbed together. The most similar parallel on Earth would be lightning strikes which appear during volcanic eruptions, as hot dust and ash rub against one another and produce electricity. This electric charge not only can damage power generating equipment, but can coat everything in dust which is statically charged, causing complications for cleaning the equipment to perform any needed maintenance, and thus slowing down production.


Static Storms impact any cards which have power as an output. With power being required for so many items around the colony, this can have severe knock on impacts.




These hazards inflict 50 points of damage each time they damage an ownership card.

Items Vulnerable to this Hazard