Brittle Airlines

As pipework is exposed to the elements, and the reduced atmosphere of Mars has less of a reduction on the sun’s radiation, pipes can turn brittle and crack. Those used for transporting oxygen around the colony and away from production are particularly susceptible as even hairline cracks can lead to leakage and locating the problem is often most easily performed by shutting down production and seeking out the problem - but in turn this causes a shock to the overall supply in the colony.

The Science

The sun emits visible and non-visible radiation, and this includes ultraviolet light. Plastic pipes can be affected by this radiation, causing the surface to become discoloured as the material changed to a complex structure typified by polyene formations. Research has been done into the damage caused by ultraviolet light, and while the pressure capacity and pipe stiffness both remained unaffected, impact resistance was drastically reduced. With storms on Mars so frequent and throwing around small rocks, impacts on the pipework are likely to happen often, and this reduction in impact resistance could become especially problematic at joints where oxygen can escape with little visible evidence.


Brittle Airlines impact any cards which have oxygen as an output.




These hazards inflict 50 points of damage each time they damage an ownership card.

Items Vulnerable to this Hazard