How to Play


As an explorer of a new planet, you have the opportunity to participate in various colony activities. We encourage you to try each aspect of gameplay and see what you enjoy the most. The majority of gameplay elements center around economic strategy, but there are also exploration and skill-based mini-games.

1. Explore beyond the colony

Organize expeditions and set off to explore, scan, and discover resource deposits. Learn more here.

2. Manage colony resources

Efficiently manage a dynamic resource chain that is affected by other players’ decisions and randomly occurring hazards. (Guide coming soon).

3. Advance your aerospace career

Join the Interplanetary Space Alliance (ISA) and build your aerospace career by successfully managing operations on an ever-expanding Mars base. Climb leaderboards, gain XP, and earn achievements. Become a Martian legend. (Guide coming soon).

4. Expand the colony

Develop the main colony through construction, refueling, and making discoveries. (Guide coming soon).

5. Build your own outpost

Players can purchase hexagonal land plots surrounding the main Mars base and develop their own outposts using Blueprints and Resources to construct new buildings, vehicles, and equipment. (Guide coming soon).