How to Play

How to play

Everything you need to know to set up and start playing Colonize Mars — the only blockchain simulation game where players decide how humans thrive on Mars. 
Test the latest technology, grow the Mars economy, and devise the strategies to make humanity multiplanetary and inform real Mars R&D.
Watch the full length, step-by-step video to get started. Or pick an individual video to focus on one aspect of the game.

The Ultimate Starter Guide

1. Signing Up & Getting Started

Create your unique Crew ID, create a WAX wallet, and get ready to begin your ISA training.

2. Buying MARTIA

Learn about MARTIA, the currency of Mars, and start growing your legacy in a new Mars economy.

3. Buying NFTs

Buy and sell NFTs using the in-game store or select marketplaces to suit your strategy.

4. Colony & Astronauts

Use your strategic skills to select the inventory and astronauts essential to growing the Mars colony.

5. Build the Resource Chain

Use cutting-edge technology to utilize Mars resources and create a self-sustaining Mars civilization.

6. Select a Specialty

Choose your role in an area of expertise that’s critical for life to thrive on Mars.

7. Collection Strength

Maximize your resource production by matching your collection strength to your gameplay strategy.

8. Hazards & Reactivating Cards

Overcome the effects of hazards to get resource production back on track.

9. Transferring Tokens

Buy, sell, and transfer resources in and out of the game in response to what’s happening on Mars.

10. Liquidity Basics

Learn how to combine MARTIA and other tokens to create Liquidity Tokens.

BONUS: Non-custodial Liquidity

Unlike most blockchain games, Colonize Mars wants YOU to have custody of your tokens. Find out more in this short video from Colonize Mars Founder, Hunter Stanchak.