Colonize Mars Whitelist

Get access to in-game store discounts, limited-edition NFT collectibles, and exclusive community events by helping share the Colonize Mars game!

In-Game Store Discounts

Interested in buying some of the new NFTs coming out in Mission Four, and expanding your collection in anticipation of new gameplay features?

The top 50 players on the leaderboard will enjoy a 10% discount on all store items, and the next 150 players will receive a 5% discount.

Airdrops & Collectibles

Want some exclusive collectibles that are only available by participating in the whitelist?

The top 50 positions will get a legendary Mission 4 patch and in-game achievement. The next 150 positions will get a dark matter Mission 4 patch. The following tiers will also get mission patches that are exclusive to Mission 4!

Community Perks

If you land in the top 50 positions, you’ll also get access to an exclusive team AMA, get testing access to new features before anyone else, and the Lead (Comms) Role in discord so you can show off your prestige.

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