Getting Started


Welcome to the Colonize Mars game! We are excited for you to join us on a journey to make life multi-planetary. We hope that by playing this game, you become more inspired to become an explorer and pioneer of the final frontier.

Purpose of this guide

This guide is meant to be a comprehensive walkthrough of how to play the Colonize Mars game. It starts with new player content and ends with more advanced strategic concepts, split up into progressively detailed sections:

  • Getting Started will give you the first steps to take as a new player.
  • How to Play will explain different gameplay features.
  • Interplanetary Space Alliance will introduce you to the game’s lore.
  • Vehicles, Equipment, Buildings, and Astronauts define all aspects of each item and how they are used in the game.
  • Resources are where you will find how tokens such as food, water, power, and fuel make their way through the colony’s dynamic chain of inputs and outputs.
  • Hazards go into each random event that can befall the colony, and how the system works.

What is Colonize Mars?

Colonize Mars is a blockchain simulation game about strategy, exploration, and building a life on the red planet. The underlying game pieces are NFTs which represent the vehicles, equipment, astronauts, and buildings within the simulation.

Players activate their NFTs in the game to participate in colony resource management, map exploration, and skill-based mini games. These gameplay activities produce two main categories of blockchain tokens:

  • MARTIA Token—MARTIA acts as a medium of exchange for gameplay purposes and can be used to pay for a range of in-game items including NFT cards, upgrades, and land plots. These items are used to expand a player’s influence within the game.
  • Resource Tokens—Resource tokens are pure utility tokens that represent the various goods, commodities, and services created and consumed on Mars.

The player’s end goal is to build their ideal life on the red planet. The expansive and persistent nature of the simulation gives players the flexibility to define what this could look like, which could evolve over time. Some common paths might be:

  • Become a legendary Martian explorer by organizing expeditions, discovering resource deposits, and making major discoveries. Rank up the exploration leaderboards, unlock exclusive exploration achievements, and have your name go down in the Martian history books.
  • Master the science and economics of operating the Mars colony by managing a dynamic resource chain that is affected by other players’ decisions and randomly occurring hazards. Accumulate large amounts of resource tokens, collect rare NFT cards, unlock resource-related achievements, and become one of the most respected colony managers on Mars.
  • Acquire land plots and work together with other players to develop new outposts or build your own oasis on Mars. Accumulate resource tokens, form alliances, acquire blueprints, construct buildings, equipment, vehicles, and customize your items with visual upgrades.

These are just a few of the potential strategies that players can utilize. We encourage new and creative ways to experience the game.

Colonize Mars NFTs are minted through the WAX Blockchain. Click the next article to learn how to set up a WAX wallet and connect it to the game interface.