Getting Started

Crafting better NFTs

Crafting is the process of upgrading cards to a higher rarity by combining more cards of a lower rarity. Below, you can see the quantities and rarities of cards needed at each level:

Accessing Crafting

Crafting current is only accessible through the AtomicHub interface.

Crafting Process

1. Start by logging into AtomicHub using the link above.

2. We recommend clicking the checkbox to filter out relevant NFTs for crafting.

3. Then, start selecting NFTs that are the same type and rarity.

4. Once you have enough NFTs to craft, the NFTs below the selection window will disappear. Now, all that is left is to click the "Upgrade" button.

5. Confirm the upgrade and sign the blockchain transaction.

6. Once you do, you should see your newly crafted card (fingers crossed).

There is a 20% failure rate, which means that you might get the same cards back, minus one of the cards that was submitted.

Have fun crafting, and good luck!