Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Navigate to and press the PLAY button in the top right corner.

What are the requirements for creating an account?

- Username (lower case or number)
- Email address
- Password (8 characters minimum and must include at least one upper case, number and special character)

Once the above have been input you will need to:Activate your account by clicking the link in the confirmation email Connect your WAX wallet Note that you can only have one WAX wallet at a time linked to your Colonize Mars account.

How do I create a WAX Wallet?

Information on how to do this can be found here.

What are Base Cards?

The majority of the Cards in Colonize Mars are Base Cards. These represent vehicles, tools, infrastructure, astronauts, and buildings used in the colony.

Base Cards come in different rarities: standard, shadow, stainless steel, gold, dark matter, and solar flare.

Base Cards will be required to play the game, with higher rarity Cards being more desirable because they will result in more effective ways of obtaining Martia Token and other in-game resources.

What are Ownership and Sponsorship Cards?

These Cards match 1:1 with a unique piece of equipment, vehicle, tool, astronaut, or building on the website colony map.

Inanimate objects (tools, vehicles, buildings, etc…) have corresponding Ownership Cards, and astronauts have corresponding Sponsorship Cards. They both are equivalent.

Ownership & sponsorship cards are the rarest type of Cards and give players significant influence, Martia Token earning potential, and responsibility in the game.

Why are some Ownership and Sponsorship Cards owned by Colonize Mars?

Ownership and Sponsorship cards owned by Colonize Mars refers to Ownership Cards that have not yet been found in a supply crate or won from the staking pool.

These Ownership Cards will still appear on the map as Colony Items and players will be able to assign base cards to them just like Ownership Cards owned by players.

The main difference is that these cards will have a fixed percentage fee of 20% until a player takes possession of the card, so as not to undercut actual player owners.

What are Patches used for?

These are merit-based NFTs or NTTs (Non-Transferable Token) that visually represent your identity within the game. They are used for aesthetic purposes and are meant to signal your status. You can only have one active for your in-game identity at any given point, but you can hold multiple Patches within your inventory.

How do I add the Martia Token on a WAX Cloud Wallet?

You will need to use the “add custom token“ button which is visible on your dashboard.

Information to fill in to add the Martia token to your wallet:
- Token Symbol: MARTIA
- Decimal Places: 4
- Token Contract: martia
- Token name: MARTIA
- Token image =*byK3cY3YvNP6iLxyxoBeww.png

How do I add the Martia Token on a WAX Anchor Wallet?

Log into your Anchor wallet and visit the “Tools” section and visit the “Airdrops/Custom Tokens” section. , There, you will be able to select Martia Token in the list or, if it’s not listed, to use the “Add Custom Token” button to add it.

Information to fill in to add the Martia token to your wallet:
- Token Symbol: MARTIA
- Decimal Places: 4
- Token Contract: martia
- Token name: MARTIA
- Token image =*byK3cY3YvNP6iLxyxoBeww.png

What do I do if I get a CPU, RAM or NET error?

WAX Network uses three resources namely, CPU, NET and RAM, where CPU is the time consumed to perform a transaction (like token transfer), NET is the network space to consumed to carry the information of the transaction and RAM is the storage to log the state of the transaction.

You may need to monitor your resources and, if they are too close to a 100% of use, stake more WAXP to increase resources for your account.

A good guide for managing resources.

How do Ownership fees work?

Each Ownership Card will have a fee associated with it. This can be set by the Owner and is the percentage that Owners will take from any Martia Token earned through players assigning base cards to them.

What happens to any new cards I acquire?

If players gain more Base Cards of an item type (through the marketplace, Mission sales, etc...) that they already possess and are currently assigned, these cards will automatically be assigned to the same Ownership Card.

What is crafting?

Crafting or “blending” Cards is the process of combining a larger quantity of lower rarity Base Cards to make a smaller quantity of higher rarity Base Cards.  There are three possible outcomes when you craft cards: success, failure and double success.

How many cards do I need to be able to craft?

This depends on the rarity:

6 Standard cards of the same item type can be crafted in an attempt to gain 1 Shadow card.

5 Shadow cards of the same item type can be crafted in an attempt to gain 1 Stainless Steel card.

4 Stainless cards of the same item type can be crafted in an attempt to gain 1 Gold card.

3 Gold cards of the same item type can be crafted in an attempt to gain 1 Dark Matter card.

Dark matter cards are the rarest base cards that can be crafted.

What exactly do I get when I craft?

There are three possible outcomes when you craft cards.

- Success : This result has a 79% probability. You have effectively turned all the cards you used for crafting (burnt) into 1 ‘better’ card. Successful crafts always progress one step up the rarity ladder. E.g. : If you successfully craft 6 Standard cards, your reward will be 1 Shadow Card. If you successfully craft 4 stainless Steel cards you will get 1 Gold and so on.

- Double Success : This result has a 1% probability. The only difference to the above result is that you get 2 cards of the new rarity.

- Failure : This result has a 20% probability. The end result is that no new item card was crafted and the player loses (burnt) 1 card from those they tried to craft from. E.g. : The player attempts to craft 5 shadow cards. If unsuccessful, 1 Shadow card would be lost and 4 would be returned to the player’s inventory. No Stainless Steel card is gained.

How do I craft?

Firstly you will need some base cards of the same rarity and item type (E.g. Standard Scouting Drone cards). You can access the crafting screen by following the link in the top right corner of the homepage. You will be redirected to the crafting page, on which you will be able to select the cards that you want to use for crafting and then press the UPGRADE button.

Note that there are three possible outcomes when you craft cards : success , failure and double success. We  invite you to read the answer to the question “What exactly do I get when I craft?” before starting.

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